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AN/ALE-47 Countermeasures Dispenser System
ALE-47 Countermeasures Dispenser Set

The AN/ALE-47 Countermeasures Dispenser System (CMDS) is an Electronic Warfare (EW) System affording combat aircrews with enhanced survivability in all threat environmental via on board , self-protection capabilities resulting from the integration of RWR hardware with a system for the dispensing of expendable countermeasures.

The AN/ALE-47 CMDS provides the aircrew with a "smart” countermeasures dispensing system, allowing the aircrew to optimize the countermeasures employed against anti-aircraft threats. The ALE-47 system is an upgraded version of the ALE-40; the ALE-47 is more automated and is programmable, to better enhance its capabilities depending on aircraft mission. The AN/ALE-47 system consists of five major components and several sub-components: control display units, programmers, safety switches, sequencers and dispensers.

Symetrics provides a wide range of CMDS support equipment

AN/ALM-295 Countermeasures Dispenser Test Set (CDT)
Air Force Magazines, Navy Style Dispenser Hardware and Chaff Blocks
Software support for Mission Data Files (MDFs)
AN/USQ-131B Memory Loader Verifier Set (MLVS)

The AN/ALE-47 is capable of carrying a mix of expendable countermeasures including expendable jammers. The hardware handles conventional chaff and flare decoys that are compatible with the previous generations of ALE-39 and ALE-40 dispensers, while supporting the new generation of "active" expendable decoys like POET and GEN-X. The AN/ALE-47 can also be used to dispense the new family of intel sensor and monitoring expendables.
Modes of Operation

The AN/ALE-47 is "Aircrew Selectable" and allows the crew to select any of three release modes: Fully Automatic, Semi Automatic & Manual Operation.

Fully Automatic: The dispenser system receives threat data from the aircraft's RWR sensor system, and then selects the appropriate response to the threat in terms of choices of 1) the type of expendable countermeasures to be employed, 2) the dispersal sequence and pattern, and then 3) when to dispense the selected expendable decoys. The AN/ALE-47 automatically downloads data to program active expendable decoys before the launch sequence.

Semi-Automatic: The dispenser system analyzes the threat data input, selects the best response and then provides a signal to the aircrew that the system is ready. The aircrew then initiates the release.

Manual Operation: The aircrew selects one of the six pre-programmed responses, in terms of quantities, sequences and types of expendables to be employed in order to produce the required decoy pattern to defeat the threat.

  • Common LRUs
  • Transparent Software Loads
  • Information can be Integrated into Cockpit MFD
  • Higher MTBF
  • Lower Cost to Support
  • 1750A and 1553B Software Adaptability
  • Logistically, Supportable Today (no new support equipment)
  • No Part Obsolescence
  • Ongoing Modifications will Support New Weapons Systems
  • Integration Efforts
    Currently the AN/ALE-47 CMDS is fielded in 22 countries and is integrated on many different fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. The AN/ALE-47 CMDS offers seamless integration onto many major airframes including: AH-1, AH-64, A-109, AV8 -B, AWCS, C-5, C-17,CV-22, CH-46, C-130, C-1141 B, E-8, E-2C, RC-135, F5, F15, F16, F/A-18, Grippen, H4-60, ICH, JSF, KC-135, KC-10, MH-47, MV-22, MH-60, MiG-21, MiG-29, MI-24, NIMROD, P-3, and SH-60.
    AN/ALE-47 employed on 20 countries’ aircraft (3,000+ units).System is already operating as the standard advanced aircraft CMDS for: U.S. Air Force aircraft, U.S. Army SOA aircraft, U.S. Marine Corps aircraft, and U.S. Navy aircraft.
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